Machupicchu overnight and Nightlife


    It is very important to know the difference between Machupicchu and Aguas Calientes, since the only hotel in Machupicchu is the Machu Picchu SanctuaryLodge, from where you can not return to Aguas Calientes at night, so you have to spend your time there. They have a very good bar, and food and drink are usually included in the price of the room, so you do not have to pay anything, just eat and drink.

    But it’s still boring for most people. This hotel is very expensive (over a thousand dollars for one night), so most people can not afford to stay there. Then they stay in Aguas Calientes (a few kilometers from the ruins of Machu Picchu).

    Aguas Calientes is really colorful. They have many restaurants, and if you like pizza, then I can say that you will have a good time there, because all the restaurants try to sell some types of pizza in Aguas Calientes.

     There are few bars in Aguas calientes. Most of them offer drinks with the offer of buy one and get four. Although sometimes the prices are four times higher than those of Cusco. In addition, many of them will offer pisco sour for free, but it is not a glass of pisco sour, you can call it a sample, since it is really a small glass of pisco sour.

    You will find most of the bars in Av. Pachacutec.

    In Aguas Calientes, 11 p.m. means that it is already late. After this time you will not find many places to go. Alcoholic beverages are not sold there after 11pm. Most people save their energy to get up early in the morning for the next day’s visit to Machu Picchu, so you will not see many people after 11 p.m.


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